“I began working with Shelli in October 2015, after I had enough of being heavier than I wanted and not getting any proper, regular exercise. At age 54, I had a difficult time losing weight on my own. Shelli designed a proper “doable” diet and with moderate exercise and Shelli there every step to help keep me on track, I amazed myself! In a 3 month period of time my weight dropped from 155 lbs to 134lbs, but most amazing, my body fat went from 30% down to 16.5%, with numerous inches lost and lean muscle gained. You should see my ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures!

Where Shelli is different than most, is that she educates you to understand how metabolism works and how a balanced, proportional diet and some exercise affects your metabolic rate. Understanding the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ as well as the initial discipline it takes to get that back on track and working is the key to success. Those first 90 days were challenging, not going to lie, but WELL worth the effort. Today, 20+ months later, I have maintained a steady-state weight (127 -129lbs) and 16% body fat. I eat right, get some exercise and feel great and it’s not hard to maintain. I am now literally in the best shape of my life.

My transformation has reset my life to where I want it to be and though I did the work, I really could not have had this success without Shelli; her attention, expertise and continued support. But, now, even if I didn’t have Shelli, I have the skills and tools from her to continue on with my life as the best and fittest me I can be.

I really would encourage anyone, and have to many, to contact Shelli, commit 90 or more days and if you’re serious, you can achieve your goals. What are you waiting for?”