“I started working with Shelli in late 2017, after acknowledging I needed expert advice to take my strength training and nutrition planning to the next level. I have no competition plans but did have personal goals. I had plateaued and was falling short of my goals, and Shelli came highly recommended so I thought I’d give it a shot. I had never worked with a personal trainer before, but it was clear from the moment I met her that she really knows her stuff.

My goals were clear; gain strength, reduce body fat, and be functionally fit for high intensity activities. In just a week, Shelli designed both weight training and nutrition plans for me, and established a baseline as she recorded both bodyfat and circumference measurements.

In roughly 60 days, I’ve reduced my overall weight by approximately 10%. I’m confident that the nutrition plan Shelli developed for me was the key to making this happen. In line with my goals, I began eating the appropriate number of calories daily, properly divided between proteins, carbs, and fats. On a weekly basis, I share my progress with her and she modifies my plan as necessary. She also worked with me to find foods that I liked, to make eating right enjoyable. Additionally, I gained strength in every major muscle group, and as a result am better conditioned for the activities that I enjoy. While not an initial goal, both my flexibility and mobility are drastically improved, and everyday tasks are that much easier. My clothing fits better, and I’ve noticed a change in my appearance as have others around me.

Shelli continues to challenge me with a new training plan every month. The variety is important and keeps me engaged when staying disciplined can get difficult. Additionally, she is available to answer any questions I have regarding specific exercises or nutrition alternatives.

Whether your primary need is nutritional advice, or both nutrition and training plans, I highly recommend working with Shelli.”