“I have always been involved in fitness and wanted to take it to the next level and change my body composition. I wanted to enter a physique competition in the bikini division. I had been working with another trainer/nutritionist and not getting the support I needed and feeling so stressed about doing my first show. My friend gave me Shelli’s name and she couldn’t say enough great things about her. I met Shelli 10 weeks before my first show, which was not ideal. Shelli was straight forward and honest from the beginning. She is a no-nonsense person and I knew I had work to do. Shelli guided and directed me so much more than I what I had been that past 6 months. I trusted her and I knew she knew what she was doing. Shelli’s guidance and expertise allowed me to step foot on the stage! I placed 3rd in Masters and had such a positive experience. She was with our team every step and I never felt alone. She prepares you for everything and also had a great plan for reverse dieting after the show. My experience was so great that I have kept her as my coach ever since, and I plan on competing again in April.

I was approached a couple of months ago in gym about who I work with and how ‘in shape I am.’ I said enthusiastically I work with Shelli Jones and I am happy to give out her contact information. My friend signed up within a week. I will continue to recommend her. Her professionalism, knowledge and support are out of this world!”