“Shelli Jones is an amazingly effective coach. Six months on my yearlong journey of working with Shelli, I have shed 44 pounds so far and gained lean muscle.  I hired her because I was inspired by her impressive physique and her successful comeback to competitive bodybuilding. Although I had no plans to compete at a bodybuilding contest, I believed there was no one better than a successful bodybuilder to effectively and efficiently help me gain muscle and lose bodyfat—and I needed my own comeback because had a lot to lose. Six months before my big 5-0 birthday when I came to Shelli, I weighed 214 pounds (after losing 7 pounds on my own) at 5’6” and had two body fat readings of 44% and 50%, respectively. Devastated and desperate, I carefully searched for the right coach.  I emailed Shelli over the weekend and she responded almost immediately. Shelli is very focused, highly organized, efficient and a very personable coach. She tracked my progress and varied and adjusted my plans as needed to strengthen my weaknesses and help me reach my goals.  Shelli was accessible and responsive via email and/or text.

I have been a yo-yo and do-it-yourself (DIY) dieter for decades. Shelli crafted a tailored, specific eating plan based upon my metabolic rate, food preferences, habits, past history of dieting, activity level and training needs. My plan included bread, apples, avocados, sweet potatoes, peaches—and even allowed for my beloved Cookie Crisp cereal on occasion, so I did not feel deprived. Whenever my weight loss hit a plateau, she adjusted the plan. I have already lost 50 pounds and am close to goal weight. Today, friends and relatives have asked, “how did you lose that weight” and “can you send me the plan?” With Shelli’s guidance, I can honestly say at mid-life I am on the cusp of being in the best shape of my life.”