“I had known Shelli a few years before we starting working together.  One day, at a neighborhood gym, she was there.  I shared with her that my mother had just passed away, and I wanted a big goal to work towards in order to help me cope with her loss, and have something positive to focus on.  I asked her about what she thought of my idea of competing.  She was incredibly encouraging, and told me I would be terrific.

A few months went by, and I reached out to her to speak about it again, except this time the competition was in near sight, a mere 10 weeks away.  She was encouraging and told me that if I put in the work, she could coach me to a winning spot on the stage.  It was hard for me to believe, but I trusted her and we went for it.

I was absolutely a novice about competing!  While I had been a life-long athlete, the strict competition diet was all new.  Given I was dealing with losing my mother, I needed a coach who would help me stay focused, but also have a human quality that went beyond reaching a big goal like competing.

Shelli was absolutely wonderful.  She was all knowing, and instilled great faith in me with her encouragement, positivity, up-beat attitude, and her highest level of expertise!  When I was down or feeling at my limit, she said all the right things.  It was frankly, an amazing experience!

In 8 weeks she coached me from around 20% bodyfat to about 8% bodyfat.  The transformation was remarkable, I couldn’t believe my own eyes, and neither could those around me.  In competition I placed in every category, and came in 2nd place overall.

Shelli knows what she’s doing.  I didn’t have to worry, because I knew “she got me”, and all I had to do was follow along.

If your goal is lifestyle improvements, fitness related, health related, a combination of those, or even competing, she is going to get you where you want to go!

I highly recommend Shelli Jones!”