“After working out on my own and not getting the results that I wanted, a friend recommended that I contact Shelli. I had a personal trainer in the past, but I needed someone new to hold me accountable, tweak my form and inspire me to go further. Over the past 3 years, Shelli transformed me from a basic gym-goer to an actual fit chick and bikini competitor.

When I considered getting a new trainer, I had one requirements: “Walk the Talk.” Shelli totally does that. As a bodybuilding competitor and coach, she knows her stuff and lives it every day. She trains hard, meal preps like a boss and cares about her people.  After being sidelined with an injury, Shelli helped me gain my strength back and became my coach for my first bikini competition. Without Shelli’s training and nutrition (and lots of emotional support!) I could not have accomplished my goal of competing. I am so thankful to have Shelli in my life as not only my trainer and coach, but also my friend.

Over the course of a 7 month competition prep (we started very slow then got serious about 16 weeks out), Shelli helped me lose 18% body fat, 39.5 inches and 23 pounds. In my first show, I placed 3rd in a very competitive class, which was a huge accomplishment.  I never thought that was possible, but when you have an amazing coach and you stick to the plan she gives you, I guarantee you will get the results!”