“In 2016 Chris and I realized that we could no longer outrun our eating habits. Chris, after two years of extensive travel for work, and countless meals on the go, had gained a considerable amount of extra weight. A year and a half after the birth of our third child, I was carrying 20 pounds of baby weight, the pounds just weren’t ‘falling off’ as they had with the first two. We tried programs like the 21-day fix with little success. As two young parents juggling the responsibilities of work, home life and raising 3 small kids, there wasn’t much time to work out the logistics of our nutrition.

In June 2016, we hired Shelli to write nutrition and fitness plans for us and, over the course of 5 months, met and exceeded our goals! Shelli held us accountable each week and was a great cheerleader, always encouraging us to stay focused. At the end of our cut, Chris had lost 55 pounds AND gained a 6-pack, something he is quite proud of. I, on the other hand, lost 20 pounds and gained 9 pounds of muscle. Shelli’s plans are effective and safe and easy to follow. We both love that our meals are planned out for each day, there is no guess work – we just measure and go. Shelli has become a great friend and mentor to us both and we have loved working with her to reach our fitness and nutrition goals.”